We have the capacity, capability, experience and resources to provide Agency services for all type of vessels, provide Marine and Cargo services, Transport and Logistics, Crew handling and Disbursement management.

Our staff are very conversant with local & regional market rules and regulations which adds advantage to our capabilities. With strong ties with the Port authority and government bodies, we have an edge in ensuring that our vessels get utmost attention hence our good rapport guarantees trouble free port call for vessels where complicated rules and procedures often prevail.

All key staff are provided with offsite communication devices like smartphones, iPads & laptops and instilled with a 24-7 working mindset, key operations staff work on 8 hour shifts during peak activity at the port of Mombasa.

We have a comprehensive IT infrastructure & communication setup across the region consisting of a customized mail domain adopting a professional naming convention, highly informative customer oriented websites & advanced ERP solution compliant with the customs and port systems (iCMS/KENTRADE / MMS / SIMBA / KWATOS / ORBUS) and offering EDI integration and output.

Our strong presence in East Africa make the venture successful to the mutual benefit of all parties.